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This is our Recipe page, Here You will find some ideas of the things we have tried as we get better at making websites I will update this and add some other things we make and hopefully you will send us ideas and pictures to be included on our site…;-p

Cereal Marshmallow pancakes

The Favorite Method seems to Differ Between people here either A. Mix them into your batter and the will melt and form little sweet colored pockets in your Pancakes and makes them Very good or B. Sprinkle them on top of your pancakes for that Cereal Marshmallow crunch…;-p Most of all ….. ENJOY!!!

Cereal Marshmallow Bars

Same as your regular Crisp Rice Squares recipe Except when you mix up the melted goo and your Crisp Rice Just after its mixed wait to cool down a tad and quickly mix in your Cereal Marshmallows as you Spread then for a Awesome addition add on a nice thick layer on the top and press them onto the mix in well

Cereal Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

MMMMMM I can Taste them now!! One of the all time favorites here. Best way is when the final mix is cooler mix in part of your mallows and press in some each time your forming a ball so the go on when its as cool as possible this is a Colorful Fantastic Treat that will make your Desert or whatever you want to call it The Hit of the Night EVERYONE talks about these Cereal Marshmallows

Cereal Marshmallow macaroni and Cheese
WHAT… Yea yea yea I know but I am only Reporting what I hear you may want to try this or GOD knows whatever other creation with the Cereal Marshmallows

Cereal Marshmallows and Ice Cream
OK this one I Did in Homemade Ice Cream. When doing in a home made ice cream unless you want little marshmallow particles DO NOT PUT IT IN THE MIXER even for like 5 minutes if that’s what you want throw them in if you want whole Marshmallows you will have to mix them in by hand toughly after you are done making the Ice Cream.

Store Bought Ice Cream Either Spread them on top or I like to smash and Smoosh them into the ice cream to make them Partly frozen also…mmmmm however you like them this is a special treat

Cereal Marshmallow Brownies
These are GREAT it makes your Brownies into the Fudgiest Fudge Brownies you’ve ever tasted Just add whatever you want to ANY Recipe and bake as Usual The Melt away for the most part but the results are simply amazing!

Cereal Marshmallow Cookies
When Baked into any Cookie Recipe they add colorful pockets to you cookies for a very Unique and flavorful final product. Also works great when you frost your cookies and pour the Cerealmarshmallows on top of your cookies…;-p

Cereal Marshmallow Oatmeal
If you simply mix them into your hot oatmeal they will melt rather fast and add some sweetness I like to sprinkle them on top as I eat it and the longer you leave them or mix them etc you get all sorts of Yummy tastes!

Cereal Marshmallows and Frozen Yogurt
MMMMM this is a all time favorite here and one of the only ways we were able to sell enough Marshmallows to even offer this product is Bulk Wholesale to Yogurt shops and Ice Cream Parlors. Just mix into your yogurt and the frozen Goodness than ensues a minute or 2 later is to die for Goes well with ANY flavor.

As You can Plainly see Cereal Marshmallows will go well in any recipe please write me at and send me any of your favorites we are always looking to try new things

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